Hopefully this page can answer your questions that you have about EZ Dinners.

Q: Can the pans be microwaved?

A: Yes they can, but you have to take off the lids and be VERY CAREFUL not to let it touch any of the inside walls of the microwave. It will melt your microwave walls if it touches it.

Q: Do you have to order online?

A: No you don’t have to order online. You can come into EZ Dinners and pick up something from our freezer. The good thing about ordering is if you are in a hurry, your food will be waiting for you when you come and you make sure you get the food you want. If you come to EZ Dinners to get something from our freezer, it is first come, first served so if we are out of something you may not be able to get it.

Q: Do you ever give discounts?

A: At EZ Dinners we try to give discounts & bonuses to our customers that shop with us. We have a rewards card you can have punched with each purchase. We also have in-store specials. Check us out on Facebook & Mystateline.com for specials that we run.

Q: Do you accept Food Stamps/ LINK / SNAP?

A: Yes we are able to accept Food Stamps/ LINK / SNAP at our store at 5533 N 2nd Street, Loves Park, IL (not online).